Global Youth Development is understandably a vast concept. It deals with a significant section of the world’s population that is not monolithic. It stands divided not only by natural divisions but also by man-made religious, cultural and environmental differences. The overall view of life, understanding of the world, innate urges and ambitions are not the same for all of them.

While we have to bear these differences in mind, this heterogeneity is becoming weaker by the modern forces, which bring the peoples of the world together. The world is growing into a global village and the rigid compartments of nationalism, religion etc., have started giving way to the universal harmony of the humankind.

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September 2014

From the Editor (Evaluation of others) From the Editor (Evaluation of others)

There is a moral principle given to us by our elders that we should not think or speak ill of others. Even if their attitude or behavior is bad, we should neither tease them for it nor should we talk about it to others, unless it becomes our duty to do so in the capacity of their teachers, elder

Give a Name	Give a Name

It is true that it need not necessarily be ‘Rose’ and any other name would serve the purpose; it is enough if only we know what is referred to by it. At the same time, is it not also true that we need a name? If we dispense with the name altogether, there will be confusion.

Lunar Letter (I Now Realize)	Lunar Letter (I Now Realize)

I now realize I get out of life exactly what I put into it. Life is a boomerang and will return to me exactly what I give it. If I want to get more, I need only give more. I now realize things are not always as I wish they would be, nor are they always as they seem. Some things which used to se

14 Inspirational Books That Can Change Your Life	14 Inspirational Books That Can Change Your Life

I've spent my whole career in the book business, and I wouldn't want it any other way. So many people have a book inside them (at least one) and as a publicist, I help make authors' dreams come true. I love books, and I'm passionate about how books can change our lives ... sometimes with just o

Sunni-Shi’ite Divide Threatens Middle East Stability Sunni-Shi’ite Divide Threatens Middle East Stability

The Sunni-Shi’ite divide playing out in violence in parts of the Middle East is an ancient dispute that traces back to the dawn of Islam. It started some 1,400 years ago with a dispute over leadership for the Muslim community following the death of the Prophet Mohammad.

Low Vitamin D Increases Risk for Dementia and Alzheimer’s Low Vitamin D Increases Risk for Dementia and Alzheimer’s

Elderly people with a moderate-to-severe Vitamin D deficiency are significantly more likely to develop dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, according to a study published this week, confirming a link that was much stronger than what the researchers had anticipated.

European Ransoms Now Al-Qaeda European Ransoms Now Al-Qaeda's Major Funding

Washington (AFP) - Al-Qaeda is increasingly funding terror operations thanks to at least $125 million in ransom paid since 2008, largely by European governments to free western hostages, the New York Times reported. The payments totaled $66 million in 2013 alone, according to an investigation by

Modi Lists Out 19 New Commandments for Conduct of Bureaucrats Modi Lists Out 19 New Commandments for Conduct of Bureaucrats

THE Narendra Modi Government has amended 46-year-old conduct rules for top bureaucrats to include new provisions that now mandate that a civil servant shall maintain political neutrality and take decisions on merit alone. The Government has issued a gazette notification on August 6 amending the A

Six Remedies for Acidity Six Remedies for Acidity

Our digestive system needs a little amount of hydrochloric acid along with other digestive juices so that the food that we eat gets broken down. Digestion done this way leads to the absorption of energies taken through food which is required for all our bodily functions.

Blood Pressure Goals Blood Pressure Goals

Lowering pressure to 140/90 is a reasonable goal for otherwise healthy men at any age. As many as three-quarters of men over 65 have high blood pressure. Many end up taking medication to prevent heart attacks, heart failure, stroke, kidney failure, and erectile dysfunction. For most people with blo

Now, a Simple Blood Test to Detect Cancer Now, a Simple Blood Test to Detect Cancer

Early results have shown the new test gives a high degree of accuracy in diagnosing cancer and pre-cancerous conditions from the blood of patients with melanoma, colon cancer and lung cancer. The test will enable doctors to rule out cancer in patients presenting with certain symptoms, saving tim

Pomegranate May Reverse Blocked Arteries Pomegranate May Reverse Blocked Arteries

While technically a berry, pomegranate "fruit" may be nature's answer to turning the tide against the #1 cause of death in the industrialized world: heart disease. Let's start with what it tells us simply through experiencing it...

Run for 7 Minutes Daily to Cut Risk of Heart Attacks, Scientists Say Run for 7 Minutes Daily to Cut Risk of Heart Attacks, Scientists Say

Scientists confirm that running for only a few minutes a day or at slow speeds may significantly reduce a person's risk of death from cardiovascular disease compared to someone who does not run. The US government and the World Health Organization recommend 75 minutes per week of vigorous-intensity a

Aspirin Significantly Cuts Cancer Rates Aspirin Significantly Cuts Cancer Rates

Researchers who analyzed all available evidence from studies and clinical trials assessing benefits and harm found that taking aspirin for 10 years could cut bowel cancer cases by around 35 per cent and deaths from the disease by 40 per cent. Rates of esophageal and stomach cancer were cut by 30 p

Stop Using a Loofah in the Shower Stop Using a Loofah in the Shower

That spongy, handheld scrubber meant to exfoliate and lather suds around your naked body is actually the perfect home for bacteria. A 1994 study published in the Journal of Clinical Microbiology showed that the popular beauty accessory -- and we're talking the kind made from actual cucumbers, no

WHO Chief Says Ebola Out of Control But Can Be Stopped WHO Chief Says Ebola Out of Control But Can Be Stopped

The outbreak is the worst since the disease was discovered in the mid-1970s, with 729 deaths in four different countries. "This outbreak is moving faster than our efforts to control it," Chan told the presidents of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone at an emergency meeting in Guinea's capital Con

WHO Declares Ebola Epidemic an International Health Emergency WHO Declares Ebola Epidemic an International Health Emergency

(Reuters) - West Africa's Ebola epidemic is an "extraordinary event" and now constitutes an international health risk, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Friday. The Geneva-based U.N. health agency said the possible consequences of a further international spread of the outbreak, which has k

Wit and Wisdom Sep 2014 Wit and Wisdom Sep 2014

The room was full of pregnant women and their partners, and the Lamaze class was in full swing. The instructor was teaching the women how to breathe properly, along with informing the men how to give the necessary assurances at this stage of the plan. The teacher then announced, "Ladies, exercise is

AwakIND Website AwakIND Website

AwakIND is India's first socio-political network for people who want to raise their voices on a common platform. It is a web-based portal that has been designed to initiate a change in the society and existing systems.

5 Times When Saying 'No' Is the Nicest Thing

The vast majority of us live in a 24/7 world. Our days do not begin and end within office hours. And afteraccounting for the optimal amount of sleepwe all should be logging each night that leaves about 72 hours each week to attend to our families, friends, chores, hobbies and passions. We live

Americans Worry That Illegal Migrants Threaten Way of Life, Economy

(Reuters) - As President Barack Obama considers sidestepping Congress to loosen U.S. immigration policy, a Reuters/Ipsos poll shows Americans are deeply worried that illegal immigration is threatening the nation's culture and economy. Seventy percent of Americans - including 86 percent of Republi

ISIL Could Pose Threat to US, Europe

U.S. counterterrorism officials have dramatically ramped up their warnings about the threat posed by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), concluding that the well-armed group is expanding its ambitions outside the Middle East and may be planning terror attacks against western Europe

Islamic State Opens New Anti-U.S. Front

On Tuesday night, Islamic State released a video of its fighters beheading James Foley, who was kidnapped in Syria nearly two years ago. The black-clad executioner, who spoke English with a British accent, also produced another American journalist and said his fate depends on President Barack Obama'

U.S. Won’t Stop Confronting Islamic State

A stern President Obama on Wednesday said he was appalled by the beheading of American photojournalist James Foley and said those terrorists who carried out the execution will meet justice. Interrupting his two-week vacation at Martha’s Vineyard yet again to address the growing threat posed by t

Four Principles of Operational Excellence

“They are operationally excellent because they go well beyond these activities. These companies engage their customers, they constantly innovate, they continuously improve how they operate, and they move at optimal speed,” he writes in Redefining Operational Excellence. We wouldn’t have the i

Mysterious Holes in Siberia May Actually Be Odd Type of Sinkhole

A Siberian hole that opened up mysteriously and was reported in July 2014. A trio of mysterious gaping holes in northern Siberia has spawned many theories about the craters' origin, but scientists have suggested some concrete explanations.

Pearls of Wisdom (George Bernard Shaw’s Quotes) Pearls of Wisdom (George Bernard Shaw’s Quotes)

The famous Irish playwright, noted for his sarcasm, witticism, and bold criticism, was in fact very concerned about the humanity and its development. He was a co-founder of the London School of Economics. He wrote more than 60 plays, which show his extraordinary talent for drama. Several short s

5 Secrets of People with Incredible Inner Strength

We all face adversity in one way or another. Some may have tougher obstacles than others, but regardless of the differences, we all share a universal human connection in the fact that we all must face challenges. However, it is how we handle those challenges that determines how we move forward throu

25 Tips to Be A Better Writer

My book How to Write Short was inspired by a story I heard from NPR anchor Scott Simon. He described how his step-father challenged the idea that a picture was worth a thousand words. He listed the following historical documents: The Hippocratic Oath. The 23rd Psalm

Are You Addicted to Stress

We wear our stress like a badge of honor, humble-bragging about how little sleep we got last night, how our weekend was spent racing to meet a deadline, and how we're too busy to take a vacation. This lifestyle seems to have reached epidemic proportions, with 63 percent of Americans reporting feelin

Developing Confidence without Becoming Arrogant

I used to labor under the gross illusion that confidence was elusive, like a Sasquatch. Or fleeting, like a shooting star. It’s there for a moment, then poof!—gone. Did I dream it? To deepen this illusion, I believed that only a select few were anointed with confidence by an unseen hand upon t

How Meditation Can Help You Find the Perfect Friend

I meet with a lot of people who say things like, “Oh, I’ve tried meditation before but I’m just not good at it.” When asked to explain, the most common answer is, “I just can’t make my mind get quiet.” I’ve heard responses like this so often that I’ve come to realize that this is

How to Get a Grip on Negative Thoughts

Have you ever found yourself in the grip of obsessive negative thoughts that fill your head, day and night?. A week or two ago I heard a difficult piece of news. Something was going on with a person close to me that was painful and hard for me to hear. Exactly what it was, isn't important. What ma

The Power of Silence: Free Yourself from Painful Thoughts

As a child, I hated when someone told me to sit still and be quiet, and rightly so. I was young and full of energy; every minute of being still and silent was a minute of missing out on this magnificent life. Then, as I grew older and entered into teenage and young adult years, it grew into a fear w

Uruguay's José Mujica: the 'Humble' Leader with Grand Ideas

For many years he would go to bed early listening to what ants whispered in his ear. Sometimes he would chat with a frog or two, maybe share a hunk of bread with some rats. José Mujica, aka Pépé, is a survivor from a world he himself wiped off the map. A former leader of the Marxist Tupamaros,

What Are the Hamas Tunnels in Gaza?

Since ground operations began about two weeks ago, Israel’s army says it has found 32 tunnels and more than 60 entrances to them. Dozens of Hamas militants have tried to infiltrate into Israel through the tunnels during the conflict. Five Israeli soldiers died on Monday trying to thwart a tunnel a

CWG 2014 Dipa Karmakar Gets Bronze

England's Claudia Fragapane won the gold with an average score of 14.633 while Canada's Elsabeth Black took home the silver with 14.433 at the SSE Hydro. Agartala-born Dipa got the bronze with an average score of 14.366. GLASGOW: Dipa Karmakar became the first Indian woman and the second person from

UN Warns Islamic State about Crimes against Humanity

The Sunni Muslim group took over huge swaths of northern and western Iraq in June, declared the formation a "caliphate" and killed or forced outminority groups in the regions it controls. In a statement late Tuesday, the Security Council said the group poses a threat, not only to Iraq, but Syria, w

Narendra Modi's Independence Day speech

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his maiden Independence Day speech spoke on a wide range of issues, from financial inclusion schemes to stressing on need to enhance manufacturing. Modi said that for India to make its presence felt on the global stage, there was immediate need to channeli

August 2014 Potpourri

(Reuters) - Sierra Leone has declared a state of emergency and called in troops to quarantine Ebola victims, joining neighboring Liberia in imposing controls as the death toll from the outbreak of the virus hit 729 in West Africa. The World Health Organization said it would launch a $100 million res

Share your thoughts Sep 2014 Share your thoughts Sep 2014

Thoughts are valuable. This column is specially meant for ‘sharing your thoughts’. Very often a thought crosses our mind; and, we are cocksure that it was a wonderful thought that could be helpful to many persons, if not to the whole world.

Conquer Your World  Conquer Your World

Most assuredly, throughout life, transitions occur with your career, family, finances, and your health. Change, whether it occurs slowly and imperceptibly or abruptly without warning, may bring with it emotions ranging from fear to excitement, oftentimes causing chaos, stress and illness.

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