Dynamic Youth – July 2015 – Essay From the Editor (Avoid Apology of Apology)
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Apology is a genuine, powerful human action. It implies that I have done something bad; I realize my mistake; I want to commit myself not to repeat the mistake; I want to wipe out the bad effects of my wrong action; ,...

Dynamic Youth – July 2015 – Conquer Your World
Dynamic Youth >> Conquer Your World

Most assuredly, throughout life, transitions occur with your career, family, finances, and your health. Change, whether it occurs slowly and imperceptibly or abruptly without warning, may bring with it emotions ranging from fear to excitement, oftentimes causing chaos, stress and illness. There are times when you know that you need help from others.

Dynamic Youth – July 2015 – Self Development – Pearls of Wisdom
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It takes courage to refrain from gossip when others delight in it - to stand up for the absent person who is being abused.

Dynamic Youth – July 2015 – Share Your Thoughts
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Thoughts are valuable. This column is specially meant for ‘sharing your thoughts’. Very often, a thought crosses our mind; and, we are cocksure that it was a wonderful thought that could be helpful to many persons, if not to the whole world. When we feel like looking at it back, it is not there. So soon we have lost the thought and we feel bad about it.


T Joseph Benziger
(Avoid Apology of Apology)